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100 fun things to do at home other than mindless eating

100 things to do other than mindless eating at home - Michelle Rogers Healthy Living

When you’re house-bound, it’s easy to let boredom or stress get the best of you — and mindless eating ensues. To make matters worse, being at home means easy access to all the goodies you have on hand. Is it any wonder that over-snacking is a struggle?

There is no magic pill to cure that, but distraction and staying busy helps a lot. So, to that end, I’ve created a list of 100 things to do at home instead of mindless eating while you’re at home. Many are fun and a few are practical, but all are a better choice than downing a bag of chips! They are listed in no particular order.

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  1. Text a friend
  2. Call a family member
  3. Walk the dog
  4. Play a game
  5. Blast music and dance
  6. Yoga
  7. Do an exercise video online – try my online classes site Reachable Fitness!
  8. Read a book
  9. Write a journal entry
  10. Draw a picture
  11. Make lists
  12. Play with kids
  13. Do your hobby
  14. Listen to a podcast
  15. Stretch
  16. Meal prep for the week ahead
  17. Give yourself a mani/pedi
  18. Walk up and down stairs for exercise
  19. Walk around house
  20. Organize your piles
  21. Clean out a closet
  22. Work on crafts
  23. Get meal ideas from blogs or cookbooks
  24. Redecorate a room
  25. Do squats
  26. Make future plans
  27. Plan next vacation
  28. Write a letter
  29. Connect on social media
  30. Grocery shop online
  31. Facetime a friend
  32. Vacuum the house
  33. Update phone software/apps
  34. Play an instrument
  35. Do a crossword puzzle
  36. Browse magazines
  37. Tax prep
  38. Catch up on filing
  39. Exercise while you watch TV – see my sofa exercises
  40. Update resume/LinkedIn
  41. Watch a movie
  42. Do something you’ve put off
  43. Lift weights
  44. Clean out garage
  45. Take an online course
  46. Read an industry journal
  47. Research volunteer opportunities
  48. Check on an older person
  49. Give yourself a facial
  50. Deep condition your hair
  51. Listen to the radio
  52. Make a wish list on Amazon
  53. Try out a new piece of exercise gear
  54. Find a new exercise class to try, and register
  55. Make a list of goals
  56. Download new music
  57. Create a workout playlist
  58. Put together a puzzle
  59. Take a nap
  60. Soak in the tub
  61. Have a pillow fight
  62. Help a neighbor
  63. Chew gum instead of snacking
  64. Make a gratitude jar
  65. Clean out your car
  66. Back up your digital files
  67. Organize your photos
  68. Water the plants
  69. Do the laundry
  70. Bag clothes that don’t fit, to donate
  71. Research upcoming concerts/shows and buy a ticket
  72. Attack the attic
  73. Dust everything
  74. Clean the bathroom
  75. Rearrange furniture
  76. Color in a coloring book
  77. Read to a child
  78. Learn a foreign language
  79. Look up an old friend
  80. Start a blog
  81. Mend something that needs repairing
  82. Meditate
  83. Daydream
  84. Take photos
  85. Read the newspaper
  86. Create a vision board
  87. Download a new app
  88. Learn new software
  89. Watch a TED talk online
  90. Wash the curtains
  91. Throw away old medications
  92. Clean out the junk drawer
  93. Shop in your own closet: create new outfit combinations
  94. Watch a DIY video on YouTube
  95. Organize your recipes
  96. Plan meals for the month
  97. Update computer software
  98. Write a letter
  99. Find new podcasts to subscribe to
  100. Hire an online personal trainer (ME!) to help you achieve your goals

Which ones would you do? Anything to add to this list? Please share in the comments!

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