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VIDEO: Exercise at home using your laundry detergent!

You don’t need to leave your house to get in a good workout. You don’t even need weights or any special equipment! Here’s an all-standing strength circuit workout I created that uses a 94.5 ounce bottle of laundry detergent (or fabric softener or dishwasher detergent) instead of traditional weights.

Make sure the cap is screwed on tightly!

Circuit: Do 8+ reps of each exercise, then repeat from the top to complete additional rounds if desired. This workout is approximately 10 minutes per round.

Go at your own pace, and only move through the range of motion and amount of weight that feels right for you. Always check with a qualified professional if you have any concerns about what exercises are appropriate for you.

Squat and swing

This one is similar to a kettlebell swing. Using a wide stance, hold bottle in front using both hands. Squat, then straighten while bringing your arms up in front.

Core twist with squat

Maintain a squat while you hold the bottle at chest level, and twist from the waist side to side.

Wood chop

Hold bottle handle with both hands. Pivot your body to the right, with arms raised. Pivot your body to the left, while bringing arms down to your left and the bottle to the left side of your knee. Bend knees slightly as you bring your arms down. Do reps, then repeat on the other side.

Alternating front lunge

Part 1 – Holding bottle close to your body, lunge forward, alternating legs. Strike with the heel first. Part 2 – Front lunge with twist: Lunge with your right leg, and do a core twist to the right, then back to center. Lunge with the left leg, and do a core twist to the left, then back to center.

Single arm row

Lunge with one hand on knee, the other hand holding bottle. Lift and lower bottle, keeping your elbow back.

Overhead press


Hold bottle horizontally with both hands. Squat, then straighten legs and lift bottle overhead.

Overhead triceps extensions

Grasp bottle handle with both hands. Carefully bring bottle over your head. Bend elbows and bring bottle towards your upper back.

Goblet squat

Holding bottle close to your body, do squats.

Side bend

One hand is behind your head and the other holds the bottle down at your side. Lean to the right, letting your right arm drop lower and keeping your knees slightly bent. Repeat other side.

Shoulder press

Hold bottle with your right hand, at shoulder level, palm facing front. Raise and lower your right arm, as left arm stays extended straight for balance. Repeat other side.

Alternating side lunge

Holding bottle close to your body, lunge to the right, back to center, then lunge to the left.

Stretch briefly, then repeat circuit.

  1. Squat and swing
  2. Core twist with squat
  3. Wood chop
  4. Front lunges
  5. Front lunges with twist
  6. Single arm row
  7. Overhead press
  8. Overhead triceps extension
  9. Goblet Squat
  10. Side bends
  11. Shoulder press
  12. Side lunges


©Michelle Rogers, Inc.


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